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The Centre for Learning at Home, Alberta's leader in online and 
home based education, since 1989.

North Star Academy, supporting family values and choices.

Sylvan Learning, Don't go it alone! School Support at Sylvan is here to Help Call or Click today! 1-888-EDUCATE.

School of Hope, excellence in home schooling and online learning.

The Centre for Learning at Home, Alberta's leader in online and home based education, since 1989.
North Star Academy, supporting family values and choices.
Sylvan Learning, Don't go it alone! School Support at Sylvan is here to Help Call or Click today! 1-888-EDUCATE.
School of Hope, excellence in home schooling and online learning.
The Centre for Learning at Home, Alberta's leader in online and home based education, since 1989. North Star Academy, supporting family values and choices. Sylvan Learning, Don't go it alone! School Support at Sylvan is here to Help Call or Click today! 1-888-EDUCATE. School of Hope, excellence in home schooling and online learning.

Courses & Tutoring

Art Amaze Arts
Architectur Ed (Architecture Education)
Art Classes
Art For Kids
Art Tutoring by Karla Neufeld
4Cats Arts Studio
Grasby Art Studio
Heart of Calgary Art
Janey's Art - Art Classes for Home School Children and Beginners
Magnificence Art Studios - Woodworking Arts and Crafts
North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre
Wildflower Arts Centre
Airplane Guy: Outreach Educational Programs
Alexandra Writers Centre Society
Calgary Public Library Programs
Cardel Rec South - Was: South Fish Creek Recreation Association
Crowfoot YMCA
French with Line Vallières
Game Coding, Robotics, and Stop Motion Animation
Good Manners Rock Etiquette Camp
Marion's Sewing/Quilting School
Holy House of Our Lady and St. John
Material Designs Sewing Lessons
Number Explosion for Students in Grades 4 and 5
Polyglots - Spanish and French Lessons Online
Pumphouse Theatre - Home School Drama Classes
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Simon Rose - Online Writing Workshops
St. John Choir Schola
STEM Learning Lab - Homeschool Programs
Outdoor Camp Cadicasu Outdoor Homeschool Program
Full Circle Adventures
Outdoors In - Environmental Education Programs
Spruce Meadows
Upstream Forest School
Wildhorse Mountain Ranch & Outfitters
Cardel Rec South - Was: South Fish Creek Recreation Association
Crowfoot YMCA
Flourish Yoga
Hounsfield Heights Briar Hill Com. Assoc. - Badminton and Pickleball
Karate/Self-Defence Daytime Course for Home Schoolers
Live with Love Yoga Fitness and Wellness
Skip Time
Stampede City Gymnastic Club
University of Calgary - Homeschool Gymnastics and Swimming
Tutoring Evergreen Homeschool Consulting
French - La Cuisinette Des Enfants
Foundations in Education - Tutoring Services
German Language Teacher/Tutor/Private Lessons, Ages Pre-K to Adult
Isaura Oliveros - Spanish Tutoring
Michelle Rocha - Tutoring
Sharkey Support Services
Tutoring Offered by Heather Congo


  • Amaze Arts
    Amazearts is an art facility located in Canyon Meadow SW, Calgary. The Amazearts studio offers art classes for kids from 3 years to 15 years, homeschool art classes, art camps, adult art classes, PD day camps. Art classes are structured in a classroom format and access to reference library and provided with all professional art materials. In each class students will learn a new technique and experience different art mediums including pencil, charcoal, copic markers, chalk, oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic. Amazearts provides the perfect balance of academic, developmental, and fun activities. We use specially designed projects in our classes which develops strong concentration, comprehension and observation skills for kids to learn and expands their knowledge.

    Homeschool classes run on Tuesdays (10-11:00 am) for a 12 week session. Please contact us to enquire about the session start date.

    Amaze Arts Studio - Canyon Meadows
    207, 11625 Elbow Drive, T2W 1G8
    Phone: (403) 201-7226

  • Architectur Ed (Architecture Education)
    An inspiring, fun education curriculum based on architecture, urban design and planning and creative process! Come join us for multi week sessions during the academic year, for summer camps, field trips, and workshops. Geared for youth ages 7-19. We also host workshops and professional development events for parents, educators on fostering creativity as well as learning about the design process. For businesses looking for unique and learning based team building events please contact us for further information. Our team of educators are graduates of a professional architecture program and are creative educators in our community. Please visit our web site and or contact us for more information and to learn about specific learning outcomes.


  • Art Classes
    Sunny Bay Arts is excited to offer art classes for homeschoolers. Classes start throughout the year, usually run for 6 weeks, and take place in Signal Hill in SW Calgary. We offer classes for children 6 to 12 years old and for teens 13 to 17 years old. Cost per class: $25 for the first child and $15 for each additional sibling. Cost includes supplies. Maximum class size is 10. Each week of the classes focuses on a different medium and technique. Classes do not need to be attended consecutively but registration is required prior to attending each class. For example, you may choose to attend week 1, 3, and 6 if those weeks are the techniques your child(ren) would like to learn about or the Thursday which fits into your homeschooling schedule.

    Please contact Barboria Bjarne or Barbori G. Streibl by email at or call (403) 252-0792 to register or for more information. For more class offerings, visit our website at

  • Art For Kids
    Art for Kids provides fine art classes for homeschool kids and are taught by a homeschooling Mom also a working artist with many years of experience in teaching kids! The students are given instruction in elements and principles of art, drawing, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. Art history is also explored by studying one of the art masters. We aim to have fun learning how to draw and paint in a relaxed environment.

    Offering classes in the N. W. and in the south, please visit our website for all the details on dates, sessions and fees and location.

    For further information go to:
    Or call Andrea at (403) 828-5446

  • Art Tutoring by Karla Neufeld
    I am passionate about teaching others how to create and express through art. I provide art classes for watercolor and drawing to homeschooled children. The students are given instruction on the techniques of the mediums and coaching on how to improve their skill level. The students will come away from each session with an art piece that reflects the techniques learned. Art classes are offered in NW Calgary. Please check out my website to find further information on classes offered.


  • 4Cats Arts Studio
    4Cats Arts Studio is a professional art studio for kids in Edgemont. We offer classes for homeschoolers aged 6-15. Our classes run once a week for 10 - 14 weeks at a very affordable price, all materials included! Our Artist of the Month classes feature two famous artists per season, and students explore charcoal drawing, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, clay, etc. Our Mixed Media classes cover collage, paper mache, sculpture, clay and polymer clay. Our Clay & Sculpture classes feature clay and students learn to throw a pot on the potter's wheel! Our classes use a proven curriculum and are super fun!

    Visit our website and click on the current season for the current schedule. Look for classes with 'Home Learners' indicated. Or call to enquire!

    4Cats Arts Studio - Edgedale Drive
    Unit 8B - 34 Edgedale Drive NW, Calgary.
    Phone: (403) 208-1423

  • Grasby Art Studio
    Reach your creative potential at the Grasby Art Studio. With small class sizes the studio offers quality art education for homeschoolers. There are several daytime timeslots available for both parent/teen/child combined and child only classes. Students have the opportunity to discover a broad array of art techniques and mediums. Drop-in or a 12 week session is available. Ages 8 and up are recommended. Please contact Teresa at (403) 453-1722 to inquire.

    6520 Bowness Road NW, Calgary

  • Heart of Calgary Art
    Shelby is the artistic coach for Heart of Calgary Art Classes. She provides her students with an in-depth study of drawing fundamentals, design, and pigment making. Her structured classes are adjusted to the interests of the child, which not only helps them grow artistically but guides them in communicating and organizing their ideas creatively. Each class is 2 hours long whether it is in private or a group (2-5 people) setting. Held in a fun and safe environment where each child will go through the three stage program: 1. Essentials 2. Design 3. Experimental. To develop technical skills and creative expression the student focuses on portraiture, figure drawing, and study methods used by old and contemporary artists. They will go on field trips to observe and sketch local architecture and nature, visit galleries, and gather plants to make fun and experimental pigments from nature.

    For more information about schedules, fees and location contact Shelby at:

    Website: heart​of​calgary​art​
    Email: heart​of​calgary​art​
    Phone: (587) 356-2071
    Cliff Bungalow: 606 23 Ave SW

  • Janey's Art - Art Classes for Home School Children and Beginners
    These art classes are for home school students from elementary to Grade 12. Mediums include pencil, wax crayons, watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic and clay. Some of the skills that the students will learn are: cartoon drawing, basic shading, still life, landscape, and portrait. Beside learning art techniques like value and composing art work, students will also learn the following: observing, self critique, and execution. This principle does not only apply in art but also in school, work, and life in general.

    Students are responsible to bring their own materials. Most of the material could be purchased in Dollar Stores except a few items like: a kneading eraser, paper stump, and oil pastels. To keep the students engaged, they will have opportunities to try different mediums to expand their experiences. They may also have the opportunity to showcase their work in public when the opportunity arises.

    Contact: Janey Luc-German, (403) 700-6293.
    Location: Thorncliffe

  • Magnificence Art Studios - Woodworking Arts and Crafts
    Our students learn to visualize, design and then physically create useful objects to gain handwork skills and to experience leadership and the creative process:
    - Carving spoons and culinary tools
    - Wood carving techniques
    - Working with natural materials
    - For more course topics please view our website listed below
    Materials and tools supplied for most projects. Costs are typically $250 per four week block.

    Magnificence Art Studios are Doug Pauls, commercial artist and instructor, and Geoffrey Lyford designer/builder and artist.

    Or contact Geoffrey Lyford at (403) 630-2629

  • North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre
    523 27 Ave. N.W. (corner of 4 St. and 27 Ave. NW), Calgary
    Phone: (403) 221-3682

    Wildflower Arts Centre
    3363 Spruce Dr. S.W. (west of downtown, off Bow Tr. S.W.), Calgary
    Phone: (403) 249-3773

    Both these centres offer home school and non-home school classes.

    If the above links for the Arts Centres don't work, just go to the City of Calgary's main site, here:
    and search for "Wildflower Arts Centre" or "North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre."

 General Courses 

  • The Airplane Guy: Outreach Educational Programs
    Allan Gallant, The Airplane Guy, is a veteran educator who has worked with school boards, home schooling associations and youth groups throughout Alberta. Using aircraft and flight, he has created aviation themed programs that highlight a wide range of the Alberta Schools’ Curriculum. He understands that not everyone will share his love of flying but knows that aviation can motivate students to think and to explore their world. Airplanes are simply another conduit to higher learning and are perfect tools for teaching.
    Email: Allan at
    Phone: (403) 669-5693

  • Alexandra Writers Centre Society
    They offer a number of Home School Writing courses, on their Creative Writing Courses & Workshops page here: www.alexandra​​we-​offer/​courses.

    Address: cSpace King Edward, Suite 460, 1721, 29th Ave SW, Calgary
    Website: www.alexandra​
    Phone: (403) 264-4730

  • Calgary Public Library Programs
    While these are not home schooling programs (and they are usually not offered during the day on weekdays), they have lots of courses and they are free. Check them out at the Calgary Public Library's site. Once you are at their website, click on the Programs menu at the top. Also, you can have their site show you programs for just some categories, like kids, or families, in the the Narrow Your Search area on the left side of the page.

    Website: calgary​

  • Cardel Rec South
    They have lots of home school programs, including gym, writing, art, music, dance, Spanish, science, etc. See their website below for more details.

    Note: Cardel Rec South was formerly called the South Fish Creek Recreation Association.

    #100, 333 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary, AB
    Website: (click on Programs, and then on Homeschool) or click here to go directly to their home school page:​index.php?option=com_​content&id=​54#Homeschool
    Phone: (403) 201-8652

  • Crowfoot YMCA
    They have home school gym programs, and other home school classes. Check their program booklet, on their website, for the current details.

    8100 John Laurie Blvd. NW (at John Laurie Blvd. and Nose Hill Dr.).
    Calgary, AB T3G 3S3
    Phone: (403) 547-6576

  • French with Line Vallières
    Are you wanting French for your kids or yourself? Are you wanting to improve your French? Three words to describe myself would be experienced, passionate and creative when it comes to the French language.

    After 14 years of homeschooling, I am now opening my schedule to offer French language training, tutoring, or guidance. I am comfortable in working with various formats and age groups. These formats include:
    - French for families
    - French for kids in a group setting or private classes
    - French tutoring
    - French for adults
    - French guidance or assistance while you are using your own program at home (e.g Rosetta Stone).

    Phone: (403) 278-5224

  • Game Coding, Robotics and Stop Motion Animation
    Brickineers™ Lego® and VEX IQ Education based robotics, game programming, and animation classes enable young Calgary area children to "playwork, learnwork and teamwork" together with new friends in a supportive environment.

    Every year Brickineers has a summer camp in June, just for homeschoolers, in Central Calgary. Classes are offered at several locations in Calgary. Grades 1 to 7.

    Please call Wolly Barabash (a homeschooler) at (587)-966-5346 or visit today!

  • Good Manners Rock Etiquette Camp
    Are you looking for a fun, interesting camp experience for your 5-7 year old child? Why not try Good Manners Rock etiquette camp? This week long, half day camp, will guide your son/daughter through the basics of good introductions and basic respect. Lots of songs, games, role-plays and crafts are used to present the topics. Dining etiquette is taught everyday during snack time! We also have camps for 8-11 olds. Cost is $150/camper. Siblings discount available.

    For further information and to register, go to

    Any questions, please contact Maria Doll, certified Etiquette Trainer, at
    Phone: (403) 390-8883

  • Marion's Sewing/Quilting School
    Sewing Lessons for children school age and up; one on one or cohort groups of 2 or 3 are available in a safe and secure classroom of my Bowness home. I also teach beginner quilting to teens and adults with some prior basic sewing knowledge.

    See my website for details:
    Text or call me at 403-443-3185 or

  • Holy House of Our Lady and St. John

    The Holy House of Our Lady and St. John is an integrated educational programme that honours the theological order of the domestic Church, affirming parents as the primary educators of their children. Holy House offers two programmes: an authentic Catholic Montessori Preschool Programme and a Homeschool Enrichment Programme for students in Grades 1-12. All programmes at Holy House are informed by the knowledge that children are persons with dignity and a supernatural destiny.

    The wholesome environment of Holy House allows each child to mature academically and in virtue with gentle and charitable guidance. Studies are meant to emphasize and nurture the intellectual, historical, artistic and spiritual gifts of the faith. The ultimate goal is for students to discover the influence and beauty of Catholicism in every aspect of culture and their own lives, growing in holiness and drawing ever closer to the Triune God.

    Phone: (403) 764-6827
    Email: holy​house​calgary​

  • Material Designs Sewing Lessons
    My name is Nicole and I am an Alberta Certified Teacher who loves to sew! I have 16 years experience and I offer daytime sewing lessons in my Woodbine home. Students may bring their own sewing machine or use one of mine. I have a flexible schedule and reasonable rates with discounts for students and small groups. Fashion Studies curriculum is offered, but students may choose to do their own projects instead. I focus on hands-on learning and strive to make the classes enjoyable and productive.

    Two hour jewelry-making classes are also available for ages 7 and up. Students can make a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

    Please contact Nicole at (403) 640-4539 for further information, or email

  • Number Explosion for Students in Grades 4 and 5
    Number Explosion is an adventure into the wonderful world of mathematics. Your child will be challenged to think outside the box to develop their problem solving skills with great problems and games.

    Blowing it out of Proportion is an exploration into proportional thinking. Your child will think like an Egyptian, challenge Vitruvius, prevent an explosion and so much more. Your child's going to love math!


    Contact owner and founder, Krista Francis-Poscente PhD
    Phone: (403) 660-1896

  • Polyglots - Spanish and French Lessons
    Polyglots is the perfect place to learn a language through play. We teach Spanish and French to children between the ages of 4 to 11 using our unique curriculum of play. Children learn through songs, stories, games, drama and play from a teacher who is fluent in the target language. Children have so much fun that they don’t even realize they are learning!

    We have classes online for ages 6+ and in person for ages 4&5. Please visit our web site and or contact us for more information.

    Phone: (587) 287-8979

  • Pumphouse Theatre - Home School Drama Classes
    The Pumphouse Theatre offers some home school drama classes.

    2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW
    Homepage (click on Drama Classes for courses):
    Or go directly to their Drama Classes page here:​sections/drama_s/drama_2.htm

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology - Distance Learning Program & Home School Days

    The Royal Tyrrell Museum’s Experience Palaeontology is an is an interactive, online course developed specifically for homeschool students ages 8-11, that offers three, one-hour sessions, delivered once a week. Presented live by a Science Educator for up to three homeschool sites, participants will learn about palaeontology, museum careers, and Canada’s rich fossil heritage. Aligning with Homeschooling Learning Outcomes, our included workbook and post-session activities will allow students to keep learning even after the course ends. Using innovative technology, connecting to the Museum through a personal computer is as easy as point-and-click, with no third-party software to download or register for. See our Parent’s Guide for more information about this course.

    Here are some comments from parents about the Experience Palaeontology course:
    “This course was well organized, and the staff were amazing.” - Stoney Plain, AB
    “I learned a lot of things about dinosaurs and what you do at the museum. The children were engaged and involved (not lecture style).” - Fort St. John, BC
    “Rachel really enjoyed having the other children in the 'class' and their added interactions were a real bonus for her!” - Spirit River, AB

    For more information and to register your students, visit:​programs/​distance/​Experience_​Palaeontology.htm
    Or contact the Distance Learning Coordinator, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
    Direct: 403-820-6251
    Toll Free: 1-888-440-4240 ex. 6251

    Home School Days: Or check out our home school days:​programs/​Homeschool_Day.htm

    Phone: (403) 823-7707
    Drumheller, AB

  • Simon Rose - Children and Young Adults - Online Writing Workshops
    Give your aspiring young authors the unique opportunity to work with a published author by employing an online writer in residence, right in your own home. Many children are interested in writing, but often they need help to channel their ability in a particular direction and give them the encouragement they need to move forward. Having access to professional advice can encourage a child in their creativity, whatever form that may take.

    Through a series of email assignments, we explore where ideas come from and how to turn them into stories, basic story structure, plot development, creating characters, developing dialogue and more to help develop writing ability.

    Check out the workshops at and contact me directly by email at for further details.

    For any young authors who have work already completed that they would like assessing, I offer both coaching services and manuscript evaluation, details of which are available on my website at

  • St. John Choir Schola

    St John Choir Schola is a non-profit homeschooling organization begun by enthusiastic parents and inspired by a common vision in Catholic education. If you are looking for an alternative to public education, consider our unique program. Please visit our website for details regarding our mission and the services we offer to families.

    Contact: Connie Meckelborg

  • STEM Learning Lab - Homeschool Programs

    STEM Learning Lab is happy to welcome Calgary’s homeschooling community to learn with our team. Students will learn a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) with a twist of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Workshops will provide support to students from grades K-6 between 2 and 12 hours of instruction. Our homeschool programs include Monthly Workshops, a Coding Intensive, a Science Project Intensive, and an Entrepreneurship Intensive.

    Courses will be taught by a variety of experts in their field to ensure your child has the opportunity to experience authentic learning while also receiving the support of experienced and committed educators.

    Take a look at our course listing, on our website below, for a class that will be perfect for you and your little inventor, thinker, player and artist!

    Alastair Ross Technology Center
    3553 31 St NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2K7
    Phone: (403) 400-1884


  • Camp Cadicasu Outdoor Homeschool Program
    "Looking for something to complement your homeschool or virtual learning program? Let us help your children discover the forest and unleash their imaginations. Ages 7 – 14.

    Camp Cadicasu is a children’s camp located just outside of Calgary in Kananaskis. Since 1930, our vision has been to empower journeys of personal development toward a sustainable future with strong communities through nature connection and environmental stewardship."

    For more information, please go to their homeschool programs here:
    Or go here for their homepage:

      Winter: (403) 888-8124
      Summer: (403) 851-8124

  • Full Circle Adventures
    Plants as Food and Fibre, History of the Land and Interactions and Eco-systems. Full Circle Adventures provides these curriculum based school programs for students in grades 3 to 7 that are inter-disciplinary. Humanities, science, and social studies combine with physical activity and inquiry based learning. Students learn about eco-systems, human history, and the many plant uses of early peoples in Alberta. Programs are run in either Edworthy, Weaslehead, Bowness Park, or in Kananaskis country. Program availability from September 2nd to October 20th or May 5th to June 20th. (Classroom program is year round).

    To go to their programs, click here:
    Or click here for their homepage: www.fullcircle​

    For details on prices and booking availability please contact Julie Walker of Full Circle Adventures at:
    Email: or
    Phone: (403) 933-4432

  • Outdoors In - Environmental Education Programs
    Connecting Open Minds with Nature. Environmental education programs for children in Pre-school, K-grade 3, and grades 4-6. All programs are very fun, interactive and include activities, games and lots of animal props!

    Phone: (403) 690-7692

  • Spruce Meadows
    Eyes on the Wetlands” Program. Spruce Meadows’ proximity to the city provides the perfect backdrop for this wetlands curriculum. The program includes both formal and informal curricula with a special focus on the natural and created environments in and around Spruce Meadows. This FREE program begins with a visit from a Ducks Unlimited professional educator to the Spruce Meadows on-site interactive classroom. Later, the students will explore Spruce Meadows in an interactive field study that incorporates interpretive pathways, bird and wildlife watching from the observation platform, plant identification in the Radio Tower Creek, a marsh walk and a deep water platform for pond dipping. Spruce Meadows continues to be dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the surrounding natural and constructed wetlands, and envisions this program as a long term investment - for students, our community and the environment.

    This program can also be utilized as an independent self-guided tour. The marsh walk and interpretive pathways are always open, access to the deep water platform and the viewing blind are also available 365 days a year at no cost. Bring your nets for the aquatic invertebrate catch and release, and binoculars for the viewing blind, and you’ll be amazed at what you find out here at Spruce Meadows!

    Group Tournament Passes to Spruce Meadows: Interested in coming out to Spruce Meadows for an International Show Jumping Tournament. No group is too small or too large. Passes to a variety of our tournaments are available for school groups.

    Please contact Tara Savoy (403) 974-4247 or email to register or for further details. or to go directly to their Education Programs webpage: www.spruce​​education_programs.jsp

  • Upstream Forest School
    At Upstream Forest School, we believe in child-led, play-based and inquiry-based learning.

    Following the Reggio Emilia philosophy of believing in the inherent capabilities of the child, we document and observe each student in order to encourage them to reach their full potential. All of our classes take place outside at McHugh's Bluff in Sunnyside, with an indoor space available for inclement weather and breaks.

    In September, we will be offering classes to homeschoolers on Thursdays. We have a 1/2 day option in the morning, or a full day option all day Thursday. Forest School is a philosophy where risky play, free age mixing and repeated access to an outdoor space is vital to a child's development.

    For more information, and to register, go to the website at www.upstreamforest​​homeschoolers.html. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Lea Komaromi
    Email: upstreamforestschool@​

  • Wildhorse Mountain Ranch & Outfitters
    Welcome to Wildhorse Mountain Ranch & Outfitters riding camps. Join the “Wildhorse Clan” for lots of laughter, friendship & Horses - Horses - Horses. Come be part of our herd and learn how to speak “equus.” Some of the girls have been to 6 camps already this year, we have become a “destination for riding.” The Wildhorse Way teaches confidence, consciousness and connectedness. We love to see the bond that develops between the horse and rider. Our goal is to provide a Safe, Fun and Educational horse experience. Program length can vary to suit the needs of the group. We can host you for an hour or for a week: call for details. Recommended age is 11 and up.

    Wildwood Rustic Courses
    Students and adults can benefit greatly from being allowed a hands on experience working with wood. These projects give people skills that are transferable to many other areas of their life. At Wildhorse we have found that all people love to work with wood and hammers and then progress to wood and power tools! We teach everything from a hot mat, CD holder, baskets, backdoor bench up to the very creative rustic chairs.

    Contact: Diane Baker, Camp Director, Wildhorse Mountain Ranch & Outfitters
    Office: (403) 729-2910 or email

 Physical Education 

  • Cardel Rec South
    They have lots of home school programs, including gym, writing, art, music, dance, Spanish, science, etc. See their website below for more details.

    Note: Cardel Rec South was formerly called the South Fish Creek Recreation Association.

    #100, 333 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary, AB
    Website: (click on Programs, and then on Homeschool) or click here to go directly to their home school page:​index.php?option=com_​content&id=​54#Homeschool
    Phone: (403) 201-8652

  • Crowfoot YMCA
    They have home school gym programs, and other home school classes. Check their program booklet, on their website, for the current details.
    8100 John Laurie Blvd. NW (at John Laurie Blvd. and Nose Hill Dr.).
    Calgary, AB T3G 3S3​index.php?​page=crowfoot_ymca
    Phone: (403) 547-6576

  • Flourish Yoga
    Yoga is a fun, non-competitive activity enjoyed by both girls and boys. Using yoga poses as a base we incorporate brain balance activities, music, art, math, language and nature to stimulate different learning styles as we explore our anatomy, our feelings and the world around us.

    Email Krista Strayer at for more information on current classes, workshops and events. Or check out the class schedule.
    Phone: (403)-874-4127

  • Hounsfield Heights Briar Hill Comumnity Association - Badminton and Pickleball
    Hounsfield Heights Briar Hill Community Association has the following programs during the day that homeschoolers can access:

    Drop-in Badminton:​badminton-drop-in

    Drop-in Pickleball:​pickleball-drop-in

  • Karate/Self-Defence Daytime Course for Home School Students aged 6 to 15
    Arashi-Do Martial Arts Heritage is proud to offer this new daytime program to the Calgary home school community. This nine week active, fun course combines karate, self-defence and bully proofing with physical conditioning and stretching. Our fully equipped school offers a positive, safe, clean environment and a curriculum that has been developed over the last 25 years by martial artists who have sought training all over the world. Our instructors are fully certified professionals who will help each student develop confidence in their martial arts skills.

    The class runs from 11:00am to 11:45am at our location, beginning Thursday, February 17th and ending Thursday, April 15th, with a certificate for each student upon completion. The cost for the course is $114.95, GST included. We are located at Bay 30, 8318 Fairmount Drive S.E., next to Tu Tierra Restaurant and Ten Thousand Villages. For pre-registration or more information please contact Becky at
    Phone: (403) 809-0744 or
    Email her at

  • Live with Love Yoga Fitness and Wellness
    Beginner Yoga Classes. Private and Group classes available for children 6-17. Studio located in Cresmont, easily located off of Stoney Trail and 16th Ave. Online Classes also available to do via skype/facetime. Conveniently practice in your own home. Check our website for more information. To book or inquire about questions contact Crystal:

    Phone: (403) 540-3772

  • Skip Time
    Skip Time is offering lessons for children ages 6 and up. Your child will develop cardiovascular health, coordination and a sense of personal accomplishment while being coached in single rope skills, partner skipping, long rope and double dutch.

    Visit for registration information.

  • Stampede City Gymnastic Club
    At Stampede City Gymnastic Club, we specialize in gymnastics instruction for all ages and abilities, including home school classes! Call today for info or to register!
    122, 2323 - 32 Avenue NE, Calgary
    Phone: (403) 275-4722
    Fax: (403) 285-8720

  • University of Calgary - Homeschool Gymnastics and Swimming
    The University of Calgary offers homeschool lessons in gymnastics and swimming
    2500 University Drive NW, Calgary​ActiveLiving/​registration/​Browse/​All/​Homeschool​%20Lessons


  • Evergreen Homeshool Consulting
    Alberta Certified Teacher. Over 10 years experience working with children with learning disabilities aged 6-12.

    Will provide:
    - individual tutoring
    - group lessons
    - assistance with curriculum management
    - lessons for entire subject areas or individual units of study
    * rates dependant on specific needs - please contact me.

    Please call Annick at (403) 238-2126 or email me at

  • French - La Cuisinette Des Enfants
    La Cuisinette Des Enfants is an exclusive French environment where your children will develop many communicating skills, improve their French level, and have a lot of fun!

    Kids will be encouraged to speak and interact from the very first lesson through active playing such as songs, jumping rope, cooking lessons, crafts, what’s missing, reading, etc.

    You can call me for more information at: (403) 604-8489.

  • Foundations in Education - Tutoring Services
    - Certified Teachers Assistant
    - One on one instruction
    - Individual customized program
    - Short/long term
    - Flexible schedule
    - Correspondence with teachers and aides
    - Free consultation
    - Preschool - Grade 5
    - Language Arts, Reading Readiness, and Math.
    - Rate: $20/hr.

    Please call Zahra at (403) 629-3815 or email me at zahra​kotsos@​

  • German Language Teacher/Tutor/Private Lessons for Ages Pre-K to Adult
    Hello, my name is Henriette Rechel, I am a native German speaker and German teacher at the Calgary German Language School Society offering my services as a teacher/tutor to all experience levels and ages from Pre-K to adults. Sessions will be held at various Calgary Public Library locations or in your home on weekdays as well as weekends.

    Please contact Henriette for additional information or to book a meeting.

    Phone: (587) 727-0277

  • Isaura Oliveros - Spanish Tutoring
    I am a private tutor for conversational Spanish, being this is my native tongue. My students' main goal is to practice and improve their speaking/listening skills, as many of them use any kind of Spanish language program.

    The classes are interactive. Some games and videos are used to maintain the student interest in the class. The very first class will help to evaluate the student's Spanish level and expectations, and then I prepare a study plan which is later sent to parents for their information and follow up.

    Classes are at my place and parents are allowed to stay during classes if they want to. I am located in Calgary, NW (Beddington). Fees are hourly and vary depending on number of students attending the class. I can provide references upon request.

    Phone: (403) 903-0802

  • Michelle Rocha - Tutoring
    I have been a private tutor for the past seven years to students in every grade level, specializing in Math and English. (Lessons can be provided in both English and French Emersion.) I teach a wide variety of students, from those who are struggling to succeed all the way to those students who feel they are not being challenged. I come to the student's home and provide lessons in the most personalized way possible. Rates vary for tutoring, by age/grade and intensity. I enjoy this line of work and have had repeat clients for the past 5 years.

    I have no preference to the area of the city where the student lives as I am highly organized and work with families to accommodate extra-curricular activities as well as other academic and personal obligations. I have references upon request and have taught both in the private and public school systems at every level. I would love to hear from you about your child's needs and goals for the future. Together, we can achieve them. I am young, energetic and personable. A tutor that your child can relate to and is comfortable learning with and taking direction from. I do my very best to foster the most suitable learning environment for your child and in doing so, my business has been mostly referrals. Please feel free to contact me directly at any time and I look forward to hearing from you. I would like to offer my services to home schooled children.

    Phone: (403) 710-0570

  • Sharkey Support Services
    Sharkey Support Services is for students with special learning needs. We are the support that associate home school boards do not think about for special learning needs... a resource, a sounding board, sanity savers.

    - We home school your student in the basics.
    - We provide help modifying units to suit your student.
    - We help with remediation in reading, writing, mathematics.
    - We help with social & life learning skills: including a variety of field trips.
    - We create the IPPs that schools and FSCD will look for.
    - We provide tutoring services for students struggling in “regular school.”
    - We meet with schools to translate between parent and teacher in a classroom.
    - (We are considering offering social skills groups and literacy groups if there is enough interest.)

    Mandi Sharkey (403) 796-8518
    We can be found at:​Calgary/Sharkey​Support/apt1.aspx

  • Tutoring Offered by Heather Congo
    My name is Heather Congo and I have my BSc in Natural Sciences with a Major in Chemistry and a Minor in Math. I would like to offer my services as a tutor for junior high and senior students for the following subjects:

    - Junior high – all math and science.
    - Senior high – Math 10, 20 and 30, Science 10, Chemistry 20 and 30, Physics 20 and 30.

    I would prefer to tutor in my home, but am open to coming to yours or doing it online. Please call or email me at (403) 390-3412 or to discuss location and rates.

  • ALSO, see our HS Groups page (most of these groups also offer courses, as well as support), and our Music Lessons page for home schooling friendly music instructors.

  • If you find any of the above services are no longer being offered, please contact us through our Contact Us page, and let us know. Thank you!

  • Cardel Place
    Cardel Place, at 11950 Country Village Link NE, is now called Vivo for Healthier Generations (as of April 1, 2015). As of June 2016, they are not doing home school programs anymore.
    Note also, the South Fish Creek Recreation Association is now called Cardel Rec South, and they still have lots of home schooling programs. Click here: Cardel Rec South, to go up to their listing on this page.

  • Mid-Sun Home School Classes
    The Mid-Sun Community Association is not doing home school courses anymore, but check out Cardel Rec South above on this page, for lots of home schooling programs in south Calgary. Click here: Cardel Rec South, to go up to their listing on this page.

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