Name This Bug

This Creature is Now Identified

We found this caterpillar in our back yard. Because of it's rather unusual looks, I took some photos of it.

We have been told that this caterpillar will become a butterfly, and is probably a Red-Spotted Purple or a White Admiral, and possibly a Viceroy (although it is less likely a Viceroy at this latitude - in Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Apparently the caterpillars of these three butterflies are almost identical.

I have also read that these caterpillars look like bird droppings to deter birds from eating them.

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Jim McGinn


Click here for smaller photos.


Caterpillar - Top View


Caterpillar - Side View


This is the head:

Caterpillar - Head


This is the rear end:

Caterpillar - Rear End


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