Pained Lady Butterflies

Spring of 2006

We raised these Painted Lady butterflies in captivity, in the spring of 2006, and then released them.


The chrysalis' from opposite sides:

Click for larger photo. Click for larger photo.


This butterfly is from the chrysalis above that is semi-transparent already (on the left in the first photo above, and on the right in the second photo above). The second photo below shows it releasing the red fluid after it emerged:

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This is the second butterfly. It appears to have two proboscis. A biologist from the university explained that the proboscis initially is in two halves tubes, that the butterfly pushes together with it's front legs, to make one tube, which it uses to suck liquid. He said that this butterfly probably was unable to get it's proboscis together, and it would be unable to eat, so it would only live for day or two, on the energy already stored in it's body.


If you click on the photo below to get a larger photo, the two parts of the proboscis are quite obvious.


The first photo is oriented correctly - it was standing on the vertical wall of a cardboard box. The second photo is rotated 90 degrees clockwise, because it seems easier to see it that way:

Click for larger photo. Click for larger photo.


In the sunshine it's wings opened:

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