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This site lists home schooling resources in the Calgary area (for Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Enjoy!

Home School Skating - Wednesday Afternoons (in Fall and Winter)

From October to March, a number of home schooling families meet each Wednesday afternoon, for socializing and skating in Thorncliffe. If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail us and I will send you the details: Come out and join us for our 8th year of home school skating!

New Home Schoolers

If you are planning on home schooling this year, you should register with a home schooling friendly school board, by Sept. 30. This will allow you to get some funding for your home schooling expenses, and the school board you register with will get funding so they can provide more assistance to you.

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My Son's Business

For educational Star Wars workbooks, check out my son's business:

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The purpose of this website is to help new homeschoolers get started, and to help all Calgary area home schoolers find more resources.


NOTE: While we have personal experience with many of the resources on this site, we don't have personal experience with "all" the resources on this site, so please choose carefully.


We started home schooling formally in 2001 (we home schooled informally for the previous 5 years, since our son was born, of course). We have been helping home schoolers through our website for over 10 years, since 2004.